war stories

There are 121 First World War burials, and 15 Second World War burials in the cemetery.

Two Victoria Cross recipients and the brother of  a well known Irish rebel.

The Commonwealth War Grave Commission has looked after these graves and erected a large memorial to those without a headstone.


Football Stories

Famous players who now rest in the cemetery or are commemorated on their family gravestone:

Asylum Stories

The girls who worked in the Magdalene Asylum (or Laundry) in Ardmillan Terrace next to the cemetery, are interred in a common plot with a small memorial to mark the place.

Magdalene asylums were religious institutions that operated from the 18th to the late 20th centuries, ostensibly to house “fallen women”. They were required to work as part of their board, and the institutions operated large commercial laundries.

More Stories

Some stories will be added shortly about the lives of the people who are resting within the cemetery.

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cemetery map

The cemetery map will help you to locate individual plots.